Tips for Your Job Application
at Vorwerk
Here at Vorwerk, we care about our employees’ success – and that starts with the job application. We have put together some tips to help you prepare a successful application.

Show us who you are and why you would like to work for us

Our employees do not only bring professional qualifications, but also motivation and a dedication to the job. That’s why we want our candidates to mention what motivates and inspires them.   

Following needs to be included in your application:

  • Personal letter setting out your interest in the position advertised
  • Clear, tabular curriculum vitae (CV) with full details of your education and work experience and, where applicable, any additional qualifications you may have and voluntary work you have done
  • Copies of all relevant certificates (school, apprenticeship, university, occupation, internships, additional qualifications)
  • Provisional overview of grades if you are still a student 

Online Application
We look forward to receiving your online application in our Vorwerk job portal. For this, you need to submit your CV – preferably in PDF form – your covering letter and other relevant documents (e.g., certificates, current overview of grades) so that we have all decision-relevant documents at hand.  

Job Portal 


A letter gives an impression of the person behind the application. It should outline the candidate’s background and include a personal reason for wanting to work specifically for Vorwerk. The letter is your first contact with Vorwerk and could be the factor that decides whether or not you are invited to an interview.  

The letter should not cover more than one page. If you feel you need to inform Vorwerk about further points, an additional motivational letter is a good idea.  

Vorwerk is essentially interested in every career stage – even those in other fields. If you can also explain why these fields make you even more qualified for the vacant position, that is certainly desirable. In your CV, your career stages should be placed in descending order, from current to not current. 

When submitting a job application to Vorwerk, you need a covering letter, a CV, references from previous employers and, in the best case, samples of your work. 

Samples of your work are an important indication of your capabilities and therefore definitely a good idea! You can set yourself apart from your fellow candidates by demonstrating to us specifically what you have already done. That way, we gain a better and more complete picture of your skills. Sometimes, this can give you that all-important edge over other applicants. 

Providing references is common practice abroad. Naming a referee who can say something about your previous employment and about you as a person can help to set you apart from your competitors. References are neither an obligation nor a requirement, however. 

No, there is no need to bring any further documents with you. We already have everything! Should anything have been missing from your application, we will ask you for it before the interview. 

That depends on what kind of experience you have. As a career entrant, it’s best to include in your CV all of the internships, student jobs and other experience you have been able to gain. If you already have professional experience, we are only interested in internships from the area in which you are now applying for a job. You should definitely write about any experience of steady jobs you already have. 

Vorwerk is an international company. That’s why transdisciplinary soft skills, such as intercultural competence and language skills, will definitely work in your favor. We also expect our job candidates to be good team players, goal oriented and to enjoy driving things forward.

An individually designed application will gain attention and make a lasting impression. Give some thought to what makes you who you are, and reflect that in the design and wording of your application. The human resources manager will not want to read a detailed version in your letter of what you have already set out in your CV – so put a lot more thought into why you think you fit so well with Vorwerk and Vorwerk with you! Don’t be afraid to write about your fears, your goals and also about what you expect of your work – after all, the cooperation must be satisfactory for both sides. 

Business clothes are a safe bet for the interview. For women, that means a blazer over a top and a pair of trousers or a knee-length (or slightly longer) skirt. Men should wear a jacket. 

Authenticity is everything at a job interview. It is unpleasant for both sides if the candidate puts on a front during the interview, and it later turns out that he or she does not meet the company’s expectations. It also helps to remember that an interview is a two-way process – not only are you seeking the company’s approval, but the company is also seeking yours. So don’t put pressure on yourself. Take care to ensure that the conversation is balanced, and respond attentively to your interviewers. Be prepared; have a good knowledge of your CV and our company, and be able to answer specific questions. Show initiative and ask questions. It is wise, however, to leave questions about salary, vacation and social benefits for the second interview. 

You might not think so, but it still happens quite often, that job applicants misspell or put the wrong name of their interview partner or even that of the company, which simply prevents them from making a good impression. Make the effort to personalize the part explaining why you are applying to the company. That way, you avoid making the embarrassing mistake of addressing the wrong person, but at the same time show that you know something about the company. If there are any gaps in your CV, don’t leave them unexplained. Gaps, like experience in a completely different field, can sometimes, if properly presented, even become strong points in your CV. 

The most important documents you need when applying for a job at Vorwerk are certainly a focused covering letter and a CV, as well as diplomas, testimonials from former employers and, where applicable, certificates for voluntary work and additional qualifications. A motivational letter and references can also be useful.
The best way to submit your application is by using the Vorwerk online tool at: Here you will be guided through the application process step by step and prompted to supply all relevant documents and information. That way, you can be sure of forgetting nothing.

As a general rule, it works in your favor if your qualifications match those required in the job ad. If you are not sure of being suitable for the post in question, you can always get in touch with the contact named in the ad. That way, you can clarify a number of questions quickly beforehand. Unsolicited applications can sometimes also be successful, however. Please bear in mind that a suitable position is rarely vacant at the time an unsolicited application is received – but qualified applications are always welcome at Vorwerk!