Sustainable strategies have always ensured the success of the Vorwerk family business. Our products stand for innovation and quality and have been inspiring our customers for generations.

What Vorwerk Stands For

purpose principles

A stubborn commitment
to the highest quality

Our family companytakes the long view

Fostering an openness
to innovate

Designed for
human connection

We create

Our vision: 

Our superior products and services elevate the quality of life everywhere you call home. 

Our mission:

We create passionate, loyal customers by simplifying homes with high-quality, long-lasting solutions. Our superior products and services come with the human touch, from the way we develop them and sell them, to the way they are used. Our unique direct selling capabilities empower people across the globe, elevating lives for the better. As a trusted family business, we are committed to act in a socially and environmentally responsible way. We strive to achieve economic success as a means to ensure family ownership of Vorwerk for many generations to come.  

Vorwerk Direct Sales

Direct sales of premium products is Vorwerk’s core business. During a personal demonstration customers come to recognize the exceptional quality of the products.

Depending on the product group and local differences, Vorwerk practices different forms of direct selling. The benefits are clear:
For customers, there’s the opportunity to convince themselves of a product’s quality and performance during a personal demonstration in their own home.
For advisors, direct selling represents an attractive work and income opportunity that offers them maximum flexibility in a dynamic growth market. 

Who’s Who at Vorwerk


Reiner Strecker
Managing Partner


Dr. Rainer Hillebrand
Deputy Chairman

Dr. J?rg Mittelsten Scheid
Honorary Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Other members of the Supervisory Board:

Prof. Dr. Pius Baschera (Deputy Chairman)
Dr. Axel Epe (First Deputy Chairman)
Daniel Klüser (Second Deputy Chairman)
Dr. Stefan N?ken
Frank Losem
Dr. Timm Mittelsten Scheid
Wolfgang K?lker

Social Commitment

As a family business, Vorwerk feels a sense of commitment to special values and engages in social and environmental projects across the world. For this reason, Vorwerk supports several international aid organizations. 

SOS Children’s Villages

As a family business, Vorwerk cares about children and is committed to helping children all around the globe to be able to grow up as part of a caring family. With the Vorwerk Family Fund, Vorwerk raises money for SOS Children’s Villages. The dedicated efforts and contributions of employees, sales partners, the company management and the owner family have so far raised more than 2.1 million euros for the Family Fund. That money has sponsored the construction of a number of family houses in SOS villages in India and Costa Rica and also financed an entire SOS village in Vietnam, where as many as 140 children and their SOS Children’s Villages mothers have found a new home. 

SOS Children’s Villages 

Local Contributions

Social commitment is a matter of great importance to Vorwerk. The company has strong ties with the locations of its various operations around the world and first and foremost, with Wuppertal, where the Group has its headquarters. That is why Vorwerk supports many local projects, schools and nursery schools with cash and other donations.